Direct Mail Bundle

Planning, Creating, Testing, and Executing Effective B2B Direct Mail Projects for Lead Generation

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Three essential project-ready modules provide comprehensive training to use targeted direct mail for a wide variety of applications in B2B lead generation and product promotion.

Contains Three Project-Ready Training Modules:

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Create Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns for Effective Lead Generation

By using targeted direct mail response programs, you can often reach prospects who won't respond to e-mail, online advertising, or other online marketing. That's because even in today's digital marketing world, there's still no substitute for . . .

Reducing Marketing Risk and Expense in Your Company's Direct Mail Projects

Small-scale testing of B2B direct mail campaigns is a critically important part of your lead generation program. By testing small quantities of direct mail pieces in carefully-designed campaigns, testing saves you substantial marketing costs . . .

Creating, Developing, and Executing Your Company's Direct Mail Projects

Direct mail is a low cost, highly scalable way to reach small or large numbers of potential buyers in your market. Used primarily as a lead generation tool, direct mail can be a highly effective way to cut through the clutter of electronic media . . .

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