Video and Multimedia Production for B2B

Using the Power of Spoken Words and Moving Images to Sell Your Company's Products

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The Task: Create effective, affordable product and informational videos for your company’s Web site and content-based marketing programs.

Project Execution: Learn how to:

  • Minimize the costs of video projects by learning the most important basic DIY video production techniques;
  • Write effective scripts for B2B product and informational videos;
  • Create, assemble, and manage the key parts of any video project—script, shot list, voiceover narration, edits, and on-screen graphics;
  • Work with an outside video production team to manage the process of creating effective, lead-generating video projects

Benefits to You: Make video an important and effective part of your content marketing program to support your lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion programs.

Course Module Description: Video and Multimedia for B2B

Increasingly, video is playing a greater role in many B2B content-based marketing and promotional programs. As a sales, product, or marketing professional, you need to know how to manage the process of creating compelling video projects for your company—to communicate your company's expertise in video form, and to promote your company's products and their specific features and benefits.

Video is used everywhere in B2B marketing applications: On your company's Web site and YouTube channel, in e-mail landing pages, and increasingly as an alternative to print, to deliver your company's content to prospects in content-based marketing programs.

Video projects can be expensive and complex, but they don't have to be, if you know how to produce them yourself, or if you can effectively plan and manage the video production process when working with a video producer or editor.

The fact is that many kinds of B2B video projects don't require high-cost production values, special effects, or expensive equipment to produce, but they do require a working knowledge of the steps required to create, produce, and manage an effective B2B video project.

Whether you are producing your own basic video projects, or if you are managing the process of working with a video producer, this module provides the step-by-step instructions you'll need, from start to finish, to produce effective B2B video projects for a variety of applications—to increase the response of your online marketing campaigns and content-based marketing program.

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In this module, you will learn:

  • Key B2B video applications: Product sales videos, trade show booth videos, and video news releases;
  • Techniques for writing, shooting, and editing your own basic video projects for B2B marketing applications;
  • Critical scriptwriting formats and techniques to build a strong foundation for your B2B video project;
  • Creating workable script outlines for B2B video projects;
  • Visuals and production techniques for B2B video projects—from simple to complex;
  • How to select a third-party video production team for your company's video projects;
  • Managing B2B video projects: Keys to managing the process of B2B video production

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Adding video to the range of "marketing media" you execute in your company's marketing program adds a powerful new dimension to communicating with your company's prospects and customers:

  • To introduce and promote key product benefits: For busy prospects, short intro videos on your company's Web site, in e-mail campaigns, and on your company's YouTube channel can communicate your product's major sales benefits, faster and often more effectively than by print alone;
  • To supplement and enhance printed content: Video is an excellent way to communicate the key points of longer-form print content, such as reports, white papers, and fact sheets developed as part of your content-based marketing program. Short videos introducing longer print content topics are also excellent lead-ins when used in e-mail and marketing automation campaigns;
  • To demonstrate key product features: Videos communicating key features of your product, or demonstrating its problem-solving applications, answer important questions for your prospects during their purchase decision-making process, and also provide product support for current customers;
  • To draw prospects to your trade show booth: Continuously-running video presentations at your booth attract and hold show attendees, who can become interested prospects as they watch the video and then engage with a member of your sales team in your booth at the show

This module provides the proven, step-by-step techniques required to plan, develop, and execute B2B video projects that effectively present and sell your company's products and move prospects closer to their purchase decision.

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Includes printed workbook, module review .PDF, and online skill-builder, review, and examination.

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