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Lead Generation

Use these modules to develop your own expertise in lead generation
BMI lead generation training modules equip you with the practical skills necessary to create effective sales copy, marketing deliverables, and marketing projects that generate measurable response.
Improve the execution and performance of your lead generation marketing projects using the practical techniques detailed in the modules below, to generate leads for your sales team and put you in control of your lead generation campaigns.

Content-Based Marketing

Develop effective content-based marketing programs using these BMI modules
BMI content-based marketing modules provide you with the practical training you need to develop, execute, and manage effective content marketing programs, using content development, marketing automation, and pay-per-click advertising to generate leads at the "top of funnel" and during the ongoing prospect-to-customer conversion process, where this content is often delivered by marketing automation systems. Companies who can provide the factual, non-promotional information these prospects need, in the form of editorial content, give their prospects the essential information they need to solve their business, technical, or application-related problems. Most important, they position their company's sales teams as "trusted advisors" against their competitors in the sales process.

Agile Marketing Plans & Strategies

Create practical, usable marketing plans for new product launches and start-ups using these BMI modules
BMI project-ready modules provide the practical training you need to develop workable marketing plans, and to effectively execute these plans in real-world B2B marketing scenarios.
BMI training also covers the essential skills required to successfully launch new product marketing programs for both established companies or for new venture start-ups, and to test and adapt these programs as needed to improve market response in sales and marketing turnaround situations using agile marketing techniques.

Marketing Automation, CRM, and Content Marketing

Master your company's marketing automation and CRM systems for effective prospect-to-customer conversion
B2B marketing and sales professionals utilize their company's marketing automation and CRM systems to improve the efficiency of their marketing and sales processes, and as tools for improving the efficiency and productivity of their company's sales teams. Content is the essential ingredient of marketing automation, used in the marketing automation system to give prospects the useful information they need, when they need it, on your company's products or services.

Direct Mail and Direct Response

Use targeted, cost-effective direct mail campaigns to generate new sales leads in your B2B marketing program
BMI direct mail and direct response modules provide training in the step-by-step techniques required to plan, develop, execute, manage, and troubleshoot effective direct mail projects that generate measurable sales response.
Direct mail training modules cover every aspect of B2B direct mail campaigns, from initial planning to testing and roll-out for lead generation: Prospect targeting, mailing list development and assessment (a critical part of any direct mail project), mailing piece options, development, and production, sampling, testing, launch, and evaluation of campaign results.

Agile Start-Ups and New Product Launches

Develop effective agile marketing programs for start-ups or new product launches in your company
BMI agile marketing modules provide essential training required to meet the special challenges of start-ups and new product launches, where fast, effective execution can mean the difference between success or failure.
BMI agile marketing training modules cover the key principles, strategies, and tactics required to develop marketing plans for a new venture start-up, or for a new product launch within an existing company: Market gap identification and needs assessment, early market research, expedient marketing campaign prototyping, and market testing methods.
Additionally, training content covers essential market and sales turnaround procedures to assess and correct failed or underperforming marketing projects—a critically important step in early-stage marketing programs.

Web Site Prototyping and Development

Learn the principles and techniques required to manage the process of developing, prototyping, and launching B2B Web sites for lead generation
Marketing, sales, and product management professionals must often plan, specify and manage Web projects—from new Web sites, product sites, landing pages, and other online-based deliverables, as an essential part of Web development and digital marketing efforts.
BMI training helps you develop the skills required to successfully plan, develop, manage, and launch Web sites and other online projects that effectively communicate and sell your product or service, and motivate prospects to opt in to receive content and become part of your ongoing prospect-to customer conversion program.
BMI training covers the key aspects of Web development, from initial specification, to expedient design and prototyping, and on to final testing and launch.

Copywriting and Expedient Design

Learn the proven techniques required to research, write, and produce effective sales collateral, ads, and other marketing deliverables
Effective sales copy and layouts are the essential foundation for any B2B marketing project. Whether you are tasked with writing and producing your company's sales collateral, online or print ads, or other marketing deliverables—or if you're managing outside ad agencies or consultants perform this task—you must know how to produce copy and deliverables that effectively communicate and sell your company's product or service.
BMI copywriting and field design modules provide this critically important training, to help you write, or manage the process of writing and producing, marketing deliverables that generate solid sales response.

Advertising, Video, and Public Relations

Learn the essential practices and techniques required to develop and execute effective, lead generating advertising campaigns, public relations, and video projects
BMI training modules help you build the knowledge required to successful develop print advertising campaigns, public relations programs, and video projects that contribute to sales growth.
With BMI training, you can develop the competency required to execute print advertising programs that generate measurable response, PR campaigns that move the needle on product sales, and cost-effective videos that sell your company and its product as part of your company's lead generation marketing efforts.

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