Marketing and Sales Turnarounds

Troubleshooting and Correcting Poor Sales Response in Your Marketing Program

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The Task: Evaluate, restructure, and re-launch failed and underperforming marketing campaigns and programs.

Project Execution: Learn how to:

  • Identify the most common causes of failure in your marketing program;
  • Identify and correct marketing-related and product-related causes of marketing program failure;
  • Fix common sales copy and presentation problems in marketing deliverables used in failed or underperforming marketing programs;
  • Use fast-turnaround execution techniques to modify or adapt marketing programs for follow-on execution

Benefits to You: Cut losses and revive failed or underperforming marketing campaigns to make your marketing program generate a measurable return on investment.

Course Module Description: Marketing and Sales Turnarounds

It's true that for every ten new B2B marketing tests or projects, about three will generate successful response, another three or so will be outright failures, and the rest will fall somewhere in between. In addition to developing the skills of effective marketing execution and learning how to clearly and boldly communicate your product's most compelling benefits in marketing deliverables and content, as a marketing, sales, or product management professional it's critically important to learn how to troubleshoot the reasons why your test or marketing project didn't generate the response you expected.

Knowing not only why a project failed, but finding the cause, correcting the problem, and using solid execution skills to put these revised projects back in action as quickly as possible is ultimately the secret to developing a successful B2B marketing program that generates a positive, measurable return on your marketing investment.

This module is the critical backstop to all of the other BMI MSD training modules, because it gives you the practical steps you can take to troubleshoot, correct, and save a failed or underperforming inbound or outbound lead generation, lead conversion, or print/online direct response marketing project.

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In this module, you will learn:

  • How to use critical thinking skills to accept and overcome the common emotional reactions to failed marketing programs, to start the turnaround process in your marketing program;
  • The key results to examine in every marketing activity that point the way to improvement and success in your marketing program;
  • The common causes of failed marketing programs—prospect targeting, positioning, copy, presentation, and execution—and how to identify and correct them;
  • Prospect and buyer misperceptions about your product, and how to discover and correct them in marketing copy, deliverables, and promotions;
  • Targeting and sales support-related causes of failure in marketing programs, and how to correct them;
  • How to carefully examine copy and layouts in marketing deliverables to spot the hidden causes of poor response in marketing programs;
  • How to identify product-related problems causing poor response in marketing programs;
  • Product-related failures and solutions: Common changes to marketing programs when products are re-tooled or repositioned;
  • How to solve distributor and sales channel-related problems causing poor sales;
  • How changing "the environment of the problem" can help you solve non-marketing related issues causing poor sales response

You can also buy this module as part of our special Agile Marketing Bundle, which includes our Start-Up/New Product Launch and Market Testing modules, to help you test, launch, and turn around marketing programs for a B2B start-up or new product launch.

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With this module, you get the real-world principles and practical instructions you need as a marketing, sales, or product management professional to:

  • Diagnose major causes of poor sales response: Finding and fixing tactical and strategic problems in copy, presentation, prospect targeting, product descriptions and other elements of marketing tests, programs, and projects;
  • Fix copy and presentation problems in deliverables and content: Learn how to spot and correct common problems in marketing collateral and content causing poor response in copy, presentation, and design;
  • Troubleshoot prospect targeting, product, or strategy-related problems: Identifying common prospect targeting problems, product-based failure causes, and marketing strategy-related causes of poor sales response;
  • Solve poor execution problems in marketing projects: Diagnosing and correcting execution problems due to seasonality, gross error, and other implementation-related issues
  • Develop a marketing professional's winning attitude and action-oriented mindset for correcting failed marketing programs

Failed and underperforming marketing projects happen all the time—even to the best, most experienced marketing, sales, and product management professionals. Learning why marketing projects don't generate the response they should, and knowing what you can do to turn these projects around means the difference between achieving success or failure in your marketing program.

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Includes printed workbook, module review .PDF, and online skill-builder, review, and examination.

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