Direct Mail Planning for B2B Lead Generation

Create Effective Direct Mail Campaigns, Build Targeted Mailing Lists, and Write Response-Generating Sales Copy to Get New Sales Leads

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The Task: Learn how to plan, execute, and manage B2B direct mail campaigns to generate new sales leads or new customer orders.

Project Execution: Learn how to:

  • Develop targeted, accurate mailing lists—the most important part of any direct mail project;
  • Assess and determine your direct mail campaign goals and options;
  • Select and specify the right mailing piece for your campaign and objectives;
  • Specify, outline, and write sales copy for cover letters, brochures, response cards, and other mailing piece deliverables

Benefits to You: Use targeted direct mail campaigns along with other marketing methods and media to generate measurable response—new sales leads, content downloads, and new orders from sales promotions to existing customers.

Course Module Description: Direct Mail Planning

Using targeted direct mail response programs, you can often reach prospects who won't respond to e-mail, online advertising, or other online marketing. That's because even in today's digital marketing world, there's still no substitute for putting targeted, hard-copy marketing messages and relevant content directly into your prospect's hands.

In B2B marketing programs, you can use direct mail to reach any number of potential buyers in any industry or market segment, to introduce prospects to your product and give them a reason to contact you—which is their first step to becoming a buyer.

This MSD module covers the essential basics required to plan, develop, and manage successful direct mail programs that generate measurable response and new leads for your company’s sales team—to engage these prospects and start them on the process to becoming new customers and buyers for your company’s products.

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In this module, you'll learn the critically important fundamentals required to create, plan, and measure effective, response-generating direct mail programs:

  • Best uses for direct mail in B2B;
  • Keys to mailing list selection, development, and compilation;
  • Evaluating mailing lists for targeting, accuracy, and effectiveness for your campaign;
  • The best direct mail packages to use—and why;
  • Writing effective direct mail sales letters, brochures, and other deliverables;
  • Best B2B promotional offers, and more

Whether you need to produce direct mail campaigns for your company, or if you're managing consultants or an ad agency that's producing these for you, this module gives you the proven, practical, step-by-step techniques for planning direct mail campaigns that generate solid response in your B2B marketing program.

You can also buy this module as part of our special three-unit Direct Mail Bundle, which also includes our Direct Mail Testing and Direct Mail Execution modules, for more in-depth project-ready training for your B2B lead generation and content marketing projects.

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Smart B2B marketing professionals use highly targeted direct mail for a variety of purposes:

  • Effective, low-cost sales lead generation: Direct mailings sent to carefully selected, highly-targeted mailing lists are a high-impact way to reach prospects in your market, to generate new leads for your company's sales team;
  • No more cold calls for your sales team: Sent ahead of a phone call or e-mail campaign, targeted direct mailings turn cold calls into warm calls, to give prospects useful background information on your company, its products, and their benefits before they hear from your sales team;
  • Reach targeted accounts to grow your business: As part of your company's content-based marketing and account-based marketing programs, sending highly relevant content—reports, newsletters, fact sheets, white papers, and other content in highly targeted mailings helps you open up new major account sales opportunities and account-based marketing efforts;
  • Promote targeted content offers to drive real-time Web response: Use direct mail to promote important content, such as reports, guides, white papers, and other problem-solving information to drive downloads of this content from your company's Web site;
  • Promote new product launches: Use direct mail for major new product announcements, along with powerful call-to-action offers to motivate prospects to take the next step to learn more or buy—contact your sales team, download product info, or take advantage of special introductory product offers

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