Inbound Lead Generation Bundle

Developing Effective Copy, Deliverables, and Targeted Marketing Campaigns to Generate Leads for Your Company's Sales Team

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Eight essential project-ready modules for developing effective lead generation marketing campaigns to generate leads for your company's sales team, and to generate a measurable return on your marketing program.

Contains Eight Project-Ready Training Modules:

  • Reducing Marketing Risk and Expense in Your Company's Direct Mail Projects

    Small-scale testing of B2B direct mail campaigns is a critically important part of your lead generation program. By testing small quantities of direct mail pieces in carefully-designed campaigns, testing saves you substantial marketing costs . . .

  • Creating, Developing, and Executing Your Company's Direct Mail Projects

    Direct mail is a low cost, highly scalable way to reach small or large numbers of potential buyers in your market. Used primarily as a lead generation tool, direct mail can be a highly effective way to cut through the clutter of electronic media . . .

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    Using Trade Shows to Generate New Leads and Sales Opportunities

    Select, plan, and execute successful trade shows and related promotional activities to capture new opportunities for your company’s sales team and generate a measurable ROI on your trade show activity . . .

  • Making B2B Print Advertising Pay Off In Your Company's Marketing and Lead Generation Programs

    Use targeted, small-scale trade print advertising programs to generate new sales leads and opt-in content downloads as part of your marketing program . . .

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