Direct Mail Execution for B2B Lead Generation

Creating, Developing, and Executing Your Company's Direct Mail Projects

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The Task: Learn how to create, produce, and manage the different elements of direct mail campaigns to successfully execute direct mail programs to generate new sales leads.

Project Execution: Learn how to:

  • Develop effective direct mail campaigns for a wide variety of B2B applications—lead generation, sales support, special promotions, and integrated campaigns;
  • Eliminate cold calls for your sales team by using targeted direct mail to pre-contact new sales prospects in account-based marketing applications;
  • Develop, execute, and manage all aspects of any direct mail project—printing, production, mailing list processing, assembly, and final drop

Benefits to You: Master the complexities of direct mail planning, production, and execution to effectively manage the process of direct mail execution to insure the success of your direct mail campaigns for lead generation and sales team support.

Course Module Description: Direct Mail Testing

Even in today's B2B marketing environment of e-mail campaigns, online advertising, marketing automation, and other digital marketing media, there's often no substitute for getting your physical, printed content or marketing materials directly into the hands of your prospect—to generate sales leads, launch new products, or convert prospects to buyers.

Direct mail is a low cost, highly scalable way to reach small or large numbers of potential buyers in your market. Used primarily as a lead generation tool, direct mail can be a highly effective way to cut through the clutter of electronic media in your prospect's life, by delivering your company's targeted, problem-solving content or promotional offers.

When executed effectively, direct mail is also one of your most productive lead generation tools to reach new potential buyers in your market, and motivate them to contact your company and your sales team.

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In this module, you’ll learn how to execute direct mail projects to achieve many B2B marketing goals, including:

  • Targeting any number of prospects, in any market, with high precision: Because you can use it to reach one—or 100,000—potential buyers in your market, direct mail is a highly effective and measurable way to generate new leads for your sales team;
  • Opening up new lead generation opportunities with new prospects for your company's sales team: As a "door opener" to introduce your product to a brand-new prospect, direct mail is an invaluable marketing tool for supporting your company's sales team in helping them establish contact with these prospects in new markets;
  • Linking prospects to your online marketing programs: Direct mail can also be combined with your company's online marketing program to generate new sales leads for your company, for example, by linking prospects to opt-in offers to receive additional online content, ongoing e-mail newsletters, etc.;
  • The best alternative to e-mail marketing for reaching new prospects: Direct mail is the best alternative for reaching brand-new prospects who've never received e-mail from your company, since it helps avoid receiving "spam" complaints from prospects when they receive unsolicited e-mails from your company.

Small-scale testing of direct mail programs can save thousands of dollars in marketing costs, and is a critical part of many B2B direct mail lead generation programs. Whether you need to produce direct mail campaigns for your company, or if you're managing consultants or an ad agency that's producing these for you, this module gives you the proven, practical, step-by-step techniques required to test direct mail campaigns to determine the best mailing lists, copy, packages, and other key elements that generate meaningful sales response for your marketing program.

You can also buy this module as part of our special three-unit Direct Mail Bundle, which also includes our Direct Mail Planning and Direct Mail Execution modules, for more in-depth project-ready training for your B2B lead generation and content marketing projects.

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This module gives you the comprehensive, step-by-step project-ready training you'll need to successfully plan, develop, create, manage, and execute effective, measurable B2B direct mail projects for your company:

  • To generate new leads for your sales team;
  • To execute new product launches and promotions;
  • To support your sales team in prospect-to-customer lead conversion programs.

These advantages can give your company a competitive edge in its lead generation program—but only if you know how to create and execute successful B2B direct mail programs.

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Includes printed workbook, module review .PDF, and online skill-builder, review, and examination.

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