B2B Copywriting and Layout for Direct Response 2

Copywriting and Layout Basics for Effective Lead Generation and Conversion

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The Task: Organize and convert sales copy into effective marketing deliverables for every lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion project.

Benefits to You: Develop strong and effective marketing deliverables that motivate prospects to respond to your lead generation and prospect conversion campaigns.

Course Module Description: B2B Copywriting and Layout for Direct Response 2

Sales copy that effectively presents and sells your company's product, and motivates the reader or viewer to take a step closer to buying your product, is at the heart of every marketing deliverable
used in your B2B lead generation and lead conversion programs. Persuasively written sales copy is the first step and most important foundational element in every marketing deliverable used in any marketing project:

  • Landing pages for e-mail product and content-based marketing promotions;
  • Product brochures and sales flyers;
  • Promotion for content-based marketing programs;
  • Package elements for direct mail programs;
  • Digital and print advertising layouts

Any other deliverable used to attract new prospects to your sales pipeline or convince these prospects to buy your product will require effective practice in the copywriting and basic layout skills.

Once you've done the research required to discover and identify your product's major sales benefits (as covered in BMI module 3, B2B Sales Copy Development for Direct Response I), the copywriting process begins. Here, you must filter the long list of sales benefits collected from your initial discovery process into effective copy for your marketing project, first by deciding which benefits are the most important ones, and then developing these benefits into the sales copy comprising the elements of an effective, response-generating marketing deliverable: Headline, subheads, body copy, and call-to-action.

Once sales copy is written, it must then be transformed into an effective layout for the marketing deliverable. The headline, subheads, body copy and call-to-action must be set into the layout to make your product's most compelling sales benefits clearly visible to busy readers. Your copy must also be integrated with product photos, infographics, and other visual elements using techniques that add to the persuasive selling power of the layout for the marketing deliverable.

This BMI module details the process for writing effective sales copy for every B2B marketing project, and covers the essential basic design and layout techniques required to enhance the sales effectiveness of this sales copy on through to the final design and layout process, to create marketing deliverables that generate response in your B2B lead generation and conversion programs.

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In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Convert sales copy benefits into effective headlines and calls-to-action that generate measurable response in every marketing campaign;
  • Maximize the design impact and readability of any layout used for any marketing campaign;
  • Use basic design techniques to combine sales copy into effective marketing deliverables that clearly and persuasively sell your company’s products;
  • Effectively manage the copywriting, design, and layout process to insure maximum effectiveness of every marketing deliverable.

You can also buy this module as part of our special Inbound Lead Generation Bundle, which includes seven other BMI modules covering sales copywriting, sales-oriented design, direct mail, and print advertising, to provide critically important project-ready training for your B2B lead generation projects.

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This module helps you:

  • Turn your research and background notes into effective sales copy: The step-by-step process covered in this module gives you an organized method for writing effective sales copy, by showing you how to transform your background research notes and sales copy outline (covered in MSD module 3, B2B Sales Copy Development for Direct Response I) into effective sales benefits for each of the major elements in any marketing deliverable;
  • Identify and organize your product's most important sales benefits into the key elements of any ad layout or other marketing deliverable: Using this module, you will learn the proven process for determining the most compelling reader benefits to use as the headline of your layout, which other benefits would be most effective when used as subheads to support this main benefit, and how to organize body copy and the call-to-action of the layout to support these main benefits;
  • Use proven layout techniques to capture your prospect's attention, by combining typeface design and layout with product shots and other graphic elements, to clearly present your product's key benefits so they're readily communicated to these busy readers and viewers in any online and print marketing deliverable

Whether you are writing sales copy and producing layouts for your B2B marketing program, or if you're working with an outside ad agency, copywriter, or marketing consultant to provide a rough, working project specification to manage the copywriting and layout process, this module provides you with the real-world training you need to create effective sales copy and layouts that generate solid, measurable response in e-mail campaigns, content-based marketing programs, advertising campaigns, or for any other lead generation or conversion project.

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Includes printed workbook, module review .PDF, and online skill-builder, review, and examination.

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