Agile Marketing Bundle

Planning, Developing, Testing, Troubleshooting, and Adapting B2B Marketing Programs for Start-Ups and New Product Launches

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Three essential project-ready modules to help you plan, develop, test, and pivot B2B marketing programs for new venture start-ups and for new product launches in established companies.

Contains Three Project-Ready Training Modules:

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Agile Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies for Start-Ups, New Markets, and New Product Launches

Use these agile marketing techniques in your start-up or new product launch to rapidly plan and execute marketing programs that generate immediate, measurable response from prospects in your market . . .

Using Small-Scale Live Market Testing to Minimize Cost and Risk on B2B Marketing Programs

Use agile marketing techniques for economical, small-scale market testing to determine the effectiveness of sales copy and marketing deliverables, and to assess the viability of marketing methods and media . . .

Troubleshooting and Correcting Poor Sales Response in Your Marketing Program

Cut losses and revive failed or underperforming marketing campaigns to make your marketing program generate a measurable return on investment . . .

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