Lead Generation and Conversion for CRM and Marketing Automation

Mastering CRM Systems for Effective Lead Generation and Prospect-to-Customer Conversion

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The Task: Successfully integrate all of the activities in your B2B marketing program into your company’s CRM system.

Project Execution: Learn how to:

  • Understand the key functions of CRM systems and their importance to B2B marketing programs;
  • Adapt your marketing program to meet the functionality and measurability requirements of your company’s CRM system;
  • Utilize your company’s CRM system to effectively plan, execute, manage, track and measure every marketing campaign;
  • Utilize and integrate content-based marketing programs with your CRM system for lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion.

Benefits to You: Master the features of CRM to make your marketing program responsive and measurable, for sales lead generation and effective conversion of prospects to new customers.

Course Module Description: Lead Generation and Conversion for CRM and Marketing Automation

Increasingly, CRM systems such as Salesforce .com, HubSpot, SAP, NetSuite, and others, play a critical role in company sales and marketing programs. And whenever they're implemented, CRM systems force greater accountability on the part of that company's marketing and product managers when developing and executing their company's marketing programs. While CRM systems help to make communication and interaction between your company's sales team and their prospects more efficient and productive, they also force marketing professionals to develop marketing programs that generate measurable response, in the form of more qualified sales leads assigned to the sales team using the CRM system at the "top of the sales funnel."

For many marketing and product managers, CRM adoption also forces a change from expensive "brand" oriented advertising to more targeted, effective marketing techniques, activities, and media that generate tangible and measurable sales response: Opt-ins from interested prospects who download content from your company's Web site and pay-per-click promotions, and measurable response—inquiries from interested prospects—generated from trade shows, direct mail, advertising, and all other marketing activities that are part of your B2B marketing program.

Marketing Automation Systems: Paired With CRM to Convert Prospects Into Customers

CRM-optimized marketing programs don't just end with lead generation, either: Once interested prospects contact your company as a result of your marketing efforts, they become part of your company's ongoing lead conversion program, the longer-term effort to convert prospects into paying customers, with the help of content-based marketing programs and marketing automation systems, such as those provided by Pardot, ActOn, HubSpot, and others. Because sales cycles for most companies selling high-dollar, complex products in B2B markets may be long—many months, or even years—these content-based marketing programs, distributed through marketing automation, play a critical role in assisting your company's sales team during their ongoing "sales conversations" to convince their prospects that your company's product is their best solution to their specific problem.

In this New Marketing Model™, company sales teams using CRM and marketing automation demand greater accountability from marketing. Since every new sales opportunity can be tracked from the marketing activity that produced it, and the response and payback from each of these marketing activities can be precisely measured in CRM, every marketing activity must be optimized to generate meaningful response for lead generation, and every new prospect now becomes part of a longer-term program, using marketing automation, to convert this prospect into a paying customer.

To achieve these goals, CRM and marketing automation force big changes to B2B marketing programs: Expensive, image-oriented "branding" advertising and other inefficient marketing programs are now replaced by high-impact online and offline direct response marketing activities and targeted editorial content that motivates prospects to opt-in to receive additional information from your company, and to start these prospects on the path to becoming customers.

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This module details the critical changes required to integrate your B2B marketing program to your company's CRM and marketing automation systems, providing step-by-step, project-ready training to help you:

  • Understand the key functions of CRM and marketing automation for lead generation campaigns, and prospect-to-customer conversion (lead conversion) programs;
  • Understand the core principles required to enable B2B marketing tactics and deliverables to generate meaningful, measurable response in CRM and marketing automation;
  • End the "sales/marketing disconnect," by developing effective lead generation and lead conversion programs to support your company's sales team as they engage prospects in their buying process;
  • Integrate and optimize your marketing program for CRM and marketing automation, by understanding the key functional areas where B2B marketing programs are integrated with CRM and marketing automation to capture new sales leads, track and measure response, and plan, schedule, and monitor the progress of marketing programs;
  • Learn the step-by-step process required to plan, create, track and execute marketing campaigns in CRM, and the key steps required to execute effective, measurable campaigns using the BMI Marketer's Action Plan (MAP)

You can also buy this module as part of our special Marketing Automation Bundle, which also includes two additional BMI modules covering content-based marketing and execution, to help you combine CRM, marketing automation, and content marketing to execute effective lead generation and conversion programs.

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This module helps you:

  • Re-engineer your marketing program to make it work alongside your company's CRM and marketing automation systems to make your marketing more productive and measurable;
  • Apply the important principles of The New Marketing Model to improve the effectiveness and sales response of deliverables, content, and promotional offers used in CRM and marketing automation campaigns;
  • Use CRM features to create new campaigns in your CRM system, import prospect records, set up campaign tracking and measurement features, and execute campaigns within CRM;
  • Accurately track, measure, and improve lead generation and conversion marketing campaigns using your company's CRM and marketing automation systems;
  • Utilize CRM and marketing automation for effective lead capture, through CRM Web-to-lead functions for digital lead generation programs;
  • Integrate common B2B marketing activities into your CRM system, such as e-mail campaigns, keyword search advertising, trade shows, your company's Web site, direct mail, and sales team support;
  • Accurately measure response from marketing programs, using the common metrics available in CRM and marketing automation systems

This module provides the proven, step-by-step techniques required to integrate all of your company's marketing activities into your company's CRM and marketing automation systems, make these marketing activities a measurable investment in higher sales and new customers for your sales team.

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Includes printed workbook, module review .PDF, and online skill-builder, review, and examination.

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