Keyword Search Advertising and Content Marketing for B2B Lead Generation

Generating Sales Leads in Keyword Search With Google AdWords

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The Task: Develop Google keyword search (pay-per-click) advertising programs tied to your company’s downloadable and opt-in content to generate new sales leads.

Benefits to You: Economically test, execute, measure, and manage pay-per-click campaigns to determine the effectiveness of keyword search advertising for your company’s lead generation and content-based marketing programs.

Course Module Description: Keyword Search Advertising and Content Marketing for B2B Lead Generation

Most product inquiries made by your prospects begin today with a keyword search—and that's why paid Google AdWords keyword search, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, can play such an important role in attracting new prospects to your lead generation and ongoing prospect-to-customer conversion programs.

Using paid search, you can use your company's relevant, problem-solving content—in the form of reports, white papers, videos, fact sheets and other information—to attract new potential customers who are actively searching for products, or looking to solve a problem that can be solved by your company's product.

However, paid search doesn't work for every company in B2B, and this is why smart marketing, sales, and product management professionals need to know both if—and how—they can make paid search an effective part of their outbound lead generation program.

This BMI training module reduces your costs and risks when testing the viability of keyword search for your company, providing you with the proven techniques that will allow you to both develop and carefully test content and PPC programs to determine response, and scale your test to maximize results—without letting your PPC costs get out of control in your marketing budget.

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In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Accurately test pay-per-click advertising to determine its viability and cost-effectiveness for lead generation in your marketing program;
  • Build “long tail” lists of keywords to maximize search traffic in narrow, specialized B2B product and solution categories;
  • Develop effective content for use in landing page download and opt-in promotions for lead generation;
  • Effectively plan, execute, measure, and adapt pay-per-click advertising programs to achieve meaningful sales response.

You can also buy this module as part of our special Content Marketing Bundle, which includes two additional BMI modules covering content marketing for prospect-to-customer lead conversion and marketing automation, to provide critically important project-ready training for your B2B content marketing and lead conversion programs.

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This module gives you the comprehensive, step-by-step training you need to plan, develop, and execute effective keyword search content marketing projects, to:

  • Test the viability of paid search for your lead generation program: PPC can be a powerful lead generation method, but it's not effective for some B2B markets. This training module shows you how to inexpensively test and measure PPC programs, and to adapt them to increase or optimize response, to prove the viability of PPC before spending additional marketing dollars;
  • Generate leads for content-based marketing programs: If properly tested and measured, an effective, response-generating paid search program can be an ideal lead generation source for distributing your company's content, and for motivating these prospects to opt-in to receive additional, ongoing content as part of your prospect-to-customer lead development (lead nurture) program;
  • Launch and test-market new products: You can use paid search programs for lead generation in new product launches, and to rapidly and inexpensively test response to new sales copy targeted to niche market or application segments;
  • Run sales promotions and special savings offers: With paid search, you can run targeted sales promotions based on specially-selected keyword groups, and based around specific market segments, geographic regions, or other carefully-selected criteria

This module gives you the project-ready training you need to tackle the complex and challenging process of developing your own Google AdWords paid keyword search and related content marketing programs. Whether or not you have any prior experience in keyword search or content marketing, this module takes you step-by-step through the entire process of planning, testing, creating, executing, measuring, troubleshooting, and adapting Google AdWords programs to generate leads for your B2B marketing program.

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Includes printed workbook, module review .PDF, and online skill-builder, review, and examination.

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