For CEOs:

Now you can have confidence that your marketing executives and their staff have been tested, trained and certified in the basic skills required for success in business-to-business marketing.

Better on-the-job marketing skill executed by your company's marketing staff increases the effectiveness, execution, and timeliness of your company's key marketing projects, giving them a better chance to deliver greater sales response for your company, across all elements of its marketing program: Advertising, direct mail, trade show promotion, PR, the Internet, new product launches, and other key marketing initiatives.

For Sales Executives:

Are you concerned that your company's marketing program isn't generating sales leads for your sales team? Are you missing out on sales opportunities because your marketing program doesn't seem connected to your goal of making sales for your company?

The BMI MSA/B/C System assesses, builds and certifies the essential skills required by your company's marketing managers and staff, to produce and execute marketing projects that generate sales response for your company.

MSA/B/C trains your company's marketing professionals to develop the skills required for sales-boosting success in business-to-business marketing, including the skills of clear, compelling, salesmanship-oriented presentation and effective, rapid execution required to generate sales response from advertising, mailings, and other marketing activities, to capitalize on sales opportunities for your company.

As a sales professional, you already know the value of sales training for your company's sales team. As a sales-oriented training and certification program for marketing professionals, the BMI MSA/B/C System assures that your company's marketing staff are "on the same page" when it comes to producing and executing marketing programs that generate sales for your company.

For Marketing Managers:

Boost your professional knowledge and skill with BMI's MSA/B/C system. MSB training enhances your professional marketing skill for virtually every business-to-business marketing project.

MSB training gives you the confidence and essential background knowledge to address and execute the wide range of marketing projects required in today's B-to-B marketing field—from marketing planning, to execution and oversight of advertising copy, print advertising campaigns, direct mail projects, B-to-B Web site development, trade show promotion, preparation, and logistics, trade PR programs, market troubleshooting—the full range of tools required to generate inquiries, sales, and market share for your company.

As a marketing professional MSC certification awards objective industry recognition to your background, knowledge, and abilities as a marketing professional, enhancing your career as a marketing executive. According to a 2003 salary survey of marketing managers conducted by the Business Marketing Association, holders of CBC certification (the predecessor to MSC) earned 15% more than marketing managers without certification.

For Advertising Agency Professionals:

Use MSA and MSB to assess and train your agency's staff and new hires: Account executives, copywriters, art directors, and producers. The MSA/B/C training system assesses, trains, and certifies the skills required to successfully design, develop, and execute marketing programs for your business-to-business clients.

As an agency professional, your clients look to you and your agency's staff to work with them to create marketing programs that generate sales and sales response for their companies. The MSA/B/C System provides your staff at all levels with the practical skills required to develop successful marketing programs in every major business-to-businesss form: Print advertising, copywriting, layout, planning, direct mail, Web development and Internet marketing, trade show promotions, PR, video and multimedia, start-ups, new product launches, and sales turnaround situations.

For Training and HR Professionals:

Use the MSA assessment module and the MSB training module as pre-employment candidate assessment and training tools for prospective new hires in your company's marketing department. MSA/B provides an objective, industry-standard method for determining a candidate's true level of practical, real-world marketing knowledge and possession of the skills required for sales success in business-to-business marketing.

Offer MSB and MSC as a professional development and certification benefit to improve the professional skill and abilities of your company's current marketing managers and staff. Marketing Skills Builder (MSB) improves and develops your marketing staff's critical business-to-business marketing knowledge and skills, and Marketing Skills Certification (MSC) is the industry's most recognized certification credential in the marketing field for B-to-B marketing professionals.

For Trade Association Executives:

Customized training and certification programs: A new value-added profit center for your trade association: As a trade association executive, you recognize the need to add useful new services for your association members, both to enhance the value of the association and its benefits to members, and to create new sources of revenue for the association.

Now you can provide a useful new value-added service, by offering your members a business-to-business marketing skills assessment, training, and certification system customized to the needs of your member base and your industry.

With BMI’s customized industry training and certification systems, you can now offer a customized, professional-grade training system and certification program for business-to-business marketing excellence, endorsed by the Business Marketing Association, the nation’s oldest and leading business-to-business trade association for marketing professionals.

Offer customized training and certification systems to your members: We can produce a customized marketing training and certification system developed specifically to serve the needs of your industry association. By incorporating the key marketing knowledge areas and best sales practices required for your industry with the Business Marketing Institute’s comprehensive training content and systems, we create a customized assessment, training, and certification system you can offer through your trade association to your members.

This comprehensive Web-based training and certification program can be offered as a branded service by your association, with little effort or support required by your staff.

Help your members improve and certify the skills of their marketing staff professionals: Marketing is one of the most critical business functions of trade association member companies for nearly every industry. Senior executives in these companies are demanding higher levels of skill in marketing execution for their marketing staffs, and greater productivity and measurability from their marketing programs.

The BMI training and certification system, endorsed by the Business Marketing Association, the nation’s largest business-to-business trade association, increases the marketing skills and competency of the marketing professionals in your member companies, and creates a new source of value-added revenue for your trade association

For Educators:

The BMI MSA/B/C System is truly unique in its field because it addresses the practical, applied skills not covered by any other professional development training system for business-to-business marketers.

MSA/B/C enhances the content of college and graduate-level marketing curricula, and serves as a useful complement to the teaching of high-level strategic content currently taught in college marketing coursework.

Because most career opportunities for graduates can be found in marketing positions serving the business-to-business market, the MSA/B/C system equips your students with the skills they need to be successful in their marketing careers by growing the businesses of the companies they work for.

Please contact us for additional information on educational discounts for college and university classroom use of MSA/B/C training systems and services.


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