Developing Your Marketing Plan

B2B Marketing Tactics and Strategies for Effective Lead Generation and Prospect-to-Customer Conversion

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The Task: Develop a solid, workable marketing plan to define the goals and activities of your lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion programs.

Project Execution: Learn how to:

  • Assess your existing marketing program and establish key objectives for your new marketing plan;
  • Identify and establish the key metrics required to generate measurable response in every activity which comprises your marketing plan;
  • Determine the best and most productive lead generation activities to include in your marketing plan;
  • Use industry-standard budgeting techniques to establish workable, defendable budgets for your marketing plan.

Benefits to You: Make your marketing plan a indispensable action plan to guide your ongoing lead generation and prospect conversion marketing campaigns.

Course Module Description: Developing Your Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is the basis for defining all campaigns, activities, media, and costs required to generate sales leads, and to help your company convert those qualified leads into paying customers throughout the year.

But your marketing plan isn't be a static document—it's an action plan providing structure and direction to your lead generation and conversion activities throughout the year, modified as necessary to overcome challenges and address new market and business development opportunities.

But before a marketing plan can be written, background research must be done assess your market, and your company's current marketing program, competitive positioning and strategic goals. This assessment supports the underlying rationale for the plan and justifies the mix of B2B marketing programs, media, and scheduling indicated for the plan.

And after this initial assessment comes the hard work of deciding on which tactics and media to use to meet the goals of your plan. These goals are achieved by generating new qualified sales leads, and converting those sales leads into customers, in sufficient numbers to justify the cost of your marketing plan.

There's no MBA-speak or irrelevant academic discussions on marketing strategy in this module—just the proven, step-by-step process required to develop a working marketing plan to create a firm foundation for all of your marketing activities throughout the year—with a special focus on executing the marketing activities that are the best contributors to successful business-to-business lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion.

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In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Perform a realistic assessment of your current marketing program, its results, and the range of new potential marketing activities for lead generation and sales support;
  • Identify the critical problem areas in most existing B2B marketing strategies and plans;
  • Identify and assess the key changes in your market and your business environment to develop workable pricing, positioning, and tactical execution strategies for your plan;
  • Locate important information on competitors—best public information sources on competitor marketing activities;
  • Develop an effective marketing mix of effective marketing tactics to meet the lead generation and sales goals of your plan;
  • Develop effective marketing plans for any size company—from start-ups to small growth companies, to large and well-established companies;
  • Establish a workable marketing budget, based on established financial planning methods used in B2B marketing plans;
  • Target the best potential buyers in your market, using the most effective "marketing media;"
  • Select the best marketing activities from the wide range of available marketing opportunities and channels

You can also buy this module as part of our special Marketing Strategy and Planning Bundle, which also includes three additional BMI modules covering market testing, start-up/new product launch marketing, and marketing turnarounds, to help you develop and execute workable and an effective marketing plan, based on sound strategic principles.

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This B2B marketing plan development module will help you:

  • Develop your marketing strategy: Assess your market, your company's current marketing program and activities, new business development initiatives, and competitive outlook, to determine your strategic priorities for the plan;
  • Develop your marketing mix, by evaluating the range of activities, tactics, and media available to help you generate measurable response in the form of new sales leads generated and new customers won as a result of your marketing program;
  • Find the best ways to generate new sales leads in your plan, through a systematic process utilizing these available tactics and media to make your marketing program generate a measurable investment in higher sales;
  • Know when and how to develop and adapt your marketing program to account for changes in your market, your product's competitive positioning, competitor actions, new business opportunities, and possible downside scenarios impacting your marketing program

This module provides the proven, step-by-step techniques required to integrate all of your company's marketing activities into your company's CRM and marketing automation systems, make these marketing activities a measurable investment in higher sales and new customers for your sales team.

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Includes printed workbook, module review .PDF, and online skill-builder, review, and examination.

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