Content Marketing for Lead Conversion 2

Keys to Effective Marketing Automation and Integrated Lead Conversion Programs

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The Task: Develop and manage targeted content-based marketing programs using your company’s marketing automation system to communicate with prospects during the long and complex sales cycles of B2B products and services.

Benefits to You: Optimize your use of your company’s marketing automation system to plan and execute content-based marketing campaigns to effectively convert prospects to customers in complex B2B sales cycles.

Course Module Description: Content Marketing for Lead Conversion 2

Effective lead conversion programs combine relevant, problem-solving content with carefully planned and developed online and e-mail communications to answer key prospect questions about your company's product, for each stage of the prospect’s purchase decision-making process. The best lead conversion programs use content and targeted communications to help position your company's sales rep as a trusted advisor who, along with your company's product, provides the best solution to the prospect's business, application, or technical problem.

This goal is accomplished by combining personalized e-mail communications between your sales reps and their prospects, with various forms of online and automated communications, to give the prospect the right content at the right time to help them move one step closer to buying your product. Content and messages sent in online lead conversion programs are also coordinated with traditional "offline" marketing activities, such as trade shows, direct mail, advertising, etc., to boost response to both types of marketing activities.

But executing an effective lead conversion program is much more than relying on the bells and whistles of your company's marketing automation software: Planning, developing, and executing effective lead conversion requires knowing the different ways your company and its sales team communicate with their prospects, and developing content and campaigns that include the most appropriate type of communication for each contact that occurs between them.

In this module, you'll learn the proven, step-by-step techniques required to plan and execute successful B2B lead conversion programs for your company, how to plan and specify the best content for these programs, and the keys to structuring the right messaging approach to use in your e-mail campaigns for lead conversion.

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In this module, you will learn:

  • The major types of communication used in every stage of the B2B prospect-to-customer lead conversion process, and the best content to use for each;
  • How to develop content and marketing automation campaigns for a wide variety of marketing, promotional, and sales support applications used in marketing automation systems;
  • How to develop content to respond to key "triggering events" impacting the prospect that can lead to a purchase decision for your product;
  • How to utilize your company's marketing automation system to create ongoing lead nurture and conversion programs;
  • How to integrate prospect communications in your marketing automation system with the other activities in your marketing program;
  • The key metrics for calculating response on marketing automation campaigns

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Here's how an effective content-based B2B lead conversion program, combined with your marketing automation system, can help you increase sales and close new growth opportunities for your company:

  • Increasing sales potential by delivering the right content to the right prospect at the right time in their purchasing process: Knowing how to develop effective content for lead conversion, and knowing when and how to communicate this content during personal contacts between your company's sales reps and their prospects, and as part of your ongoing marketing automation program, maximizes each interaction between your company's sales reps and their prospects to give these prospects the highly relevant information needed to move them closer to their buying decision;
  • Providing an effective response to "trigger events" at the prospect's company that increase the likelihood of a sale: Major new account wins, mergers, acquisitions, and plant expansion announcements at the prospect's company are all examples of trigger events that make prospects more receptive to buying new equipment, systems, services, or solutions—such as those sold by your company—to meet the demands of these new events. Smart marketing professionals anticipate trigger events by developing specialized content to support their sales teams in responding to these opportunities;
  • Amplifying response to your "offline" marketing activities: Promotional e-mail and social media campaigns distributed by your company's marketing automation system can be planned and developed to run alongside the offline activities in your marketing program—trade show appearances, print ad campaigns, direct mail promotions, etc.—to enhance the impact of both forms of online and offline promotion when used for major events in your marketing plan, such as new product launches or special product promotions;
  • Staying in contact with prospects over the long term, until they are ready to buy: Complex B2B sales cycles often require many months, and many contacts between your company, its sales rep, and the prospect before these prospects are prepared to buy. Long-term "lead warming" campaigns keep your company and its content in front of these customers and support your company's sales team during the many months that may be required before these prospects become ready buyers

Learning to specify, develop, and distribute the right kinds of content to prospects through your lead conversion marketing automation system helps you avoid the common pitfalls that hinder lead conversion programs, and helps you develop lead conversion programs that effectively support your company's sales team as they communicate with their prospects, to turn these prospects into new customers for your company's products.

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