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FAQ: MSA/B/C and CRM-FM Assessment, Training, and Certification Systems


Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions

What are these programs?
Which program is right for me?
How do we use them?
Who are they for?
How much time does it take to complete these programs?
Do we need to take any of this training at an off-site facility?
What content is covered?
How do we benefit?
How much does it cost?
Who endorses this system?
What do we do next?

What are these programs?

The MSA/B/C and CRM-FM programs are Web-based programs that assess, train and certify the critical skills business-to-business marketing professionals need to develop and execute effective marketing programs that generate measurable sales response—sales leads and new business opportunities—for their companies.

Both programs focus on developing the practical skills needed for effective execution of marketing programs that generate sales leads for a company's sales team, and better conversions of prospects to customers.

Which program is right for me?

If your goal is to certify your competence in the essential principles, skills, and techniques required to successfully execute effective, measurable business-to-business marketing programs, the MSA/B/C program is the industry-recognized certification that not only enhances your career profile, but can help you be a better and more effective marketing executive.

Whether your current or desired position in marketing is management, marketing communications, or product management, or if you are an agency professional or consultant, MSA/B/C certification from BMI provides adds value to your career, and to the day-to-day knowledge and practice of your marketing profession, on the job, and for every marketing project.

If your company is currently using, or plans to use, a CRM system, or if you want to prepare your marketing career to meet the trend of companies now integrating CRM into their sales and marketing operations, you may wish to consider certifying with the CRM Field Marketing program (CRM-FM). CRM-FM incorporates a substantial amount of the core content of MSA/B/C with a focus on integrating these marketing activities with CRM systems, and adds additional training content relating specifically to marketing measurement using CRM, lead development, and online marketing topics, such as keyword search advertising.

You can also choose to certify with both programs; for pricing discounts available to individual users for certifying with both programs, click here

How do we use them?

Users securely access their own Web-based MSA/B/C or CRM-FM training accounts from their own computers to utilize all three assessment, training, and certification modules, and can work at their own pace to complete BMI training and certification.

Each MSA/B/C or CRM-FM user also receives a comprehensive printed study guide workbook incorporating all of the content covered in each online assessment, training , and certification system:

MSA/B/C: Includes The Marketing Manager’s Handbook, the 512-page study guide workbook and desktop reference;

CRM-FM: Includes the CRM Field Marketing Handbook, the 510-page study guide workbook and desktop reference

Who are they for?

Any marketing, product management, or sales professional involved in planning or executing marketing programs for your company can benefit from BMI training and certification.

The MSA/B/C program covers development of the core skills required to execute effective marketing programs across wide range of marketing activities comprising B2B marketing plans today: Advertising, direct mail, trade shows, Web sites, video, new product launches, and sales turnaround situations.

The CRM-FM system includes much of the content of MSA/B/C, but also focuses on the integration of B2B marketing programs with CRM systems, as well as training and certification in the execution of utilizing CRM in lead development programs for the prospect-to-customer conversion process.

Marketing professionals benefit from BMI training by gaining knowledge of the essential skills required to plan and execute B2B marketing programs, and to manage the execution of these essential marketing projects more effectively with other members of their marketing team, and outside consultants, such as ad agencies and others:

• Developing effective lead generation programs;

• Utilizing Real Marketing techniques to provide critical, ongoing sales support;

• (CRM-FM) Executing effective lead development marketing programs, after leads are generated;

• (CRM-FM) Incorporating measurability into every marketing activity, and using on-demand CRM to track and measure return on company marketing programs

Product managers charged with the responsibility for developing marketing programs benefit from the comprehensive, step-by-step coverage of all the major types of marketing activities in BMI programs required to develop effective and measurable business-to-business marketing programs;

Sales support staff assigned to sales teams will gain the knowledge of the hands-on skills they need to execute effective marketing programs in support of company sales efforts: High-level sales presentations, business development support, and production and execution of effective field marketing programs and deliverables;

Sales professionals in sales teams assigned to marketing projects gain the skills they need to get up to speed quickly with comprehensive training and certification of key lead generation and lead development practices, utilizing both the MSA/B/C and CRM-FM programs.

How much time does it take to complete these programs?

Marketing professionals can generally complete either MSA/B/C and CRM-FM program in under 30 hours' time, or in approximately two weeks if workbook study and online coursework is completed on a part-time basis.

To allow for sufficient time for completion of the MSA/B/C or CRM-FM programs, each BMI training account is activated for 90 days for each user.

Do we need to take any of this training at an offsite facility?

No. Both MSA/B/C and CRM-FM systems are completely Web-based, and can be accessed from the user's secure training account from any Web-accessible PC.

What content is covered?

MSA/B/C: Our B2B marketing skills assessment, skill-builder, and certification program, focusing on the practical skills required to successfully execute lead generation programs for all the common elements of B2B marketing plans: Print advertising, copywriting, direct mail, market testing, new product launches, trade show implementation, Web site and online marketing programs, and sales and marketing turnaround situations.

For more information on MSA/B/C, click here . . .

CRM-FM: The CRM-FM system covers the full range of B2B marketing programs and activities which can be planned, executed, and measured as campaigns in on-demand CRM. Major content areas in the CRM-FM system include print advertising, direct mail, Google AdWords, e-mail messaging for lead development, trade show promotion, and sales support, in addition to many other important lead generation and lead development topics covered in the 15 courseware units of the CRM-FM system.

To view the contents of the CRM-FM system click here . . .

How do we benefit?

BMI training helps your company's marketing team improve the power of your company's marketing program to generate more sales leads and more measurable response from every marketing activity executed in your company's marketing program, or as an on-demand CRM campaign. The CRM-FM system provides your marketing team with the essential know-how required to utilize on-demand CRM to plan, produce, and run marketing programs that generate measurable returns, and to execute ongoing prospect-to-customer lead development programs that help your sales team close more sales, more efficiently, and in less time.

How much does it cost?

MSA/B/C: The MSA/B/C system, which includes online training account and printed study guide workbook, is priced at $883 per user.

CRM-FM: The CRM-FM system, which includes online training account and printed study guide workbook, is priced at $984 per user.

Discounts for multiple-user corporate pricing are available; contact BMI for further information.

For pricing on additional BMI training and system features, click here . . .

Who endorses this system?

The MSA/B/C program is endorsed and utilized by the Business Marketing Association (BMA), the largest trade association for business-to-business marketing professionals in the U.S.

The MSA/B/C program, known as the BMA's MSC certification, replaces the BMA's Certified Business Communicator (CBC) credential which, for over 30 years, was the field's leading professional certification credential in the B2B marketing field.

The CRM-FM system contains training and certification content endorsed and utilized by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) for its MSA/B/C System, the BMA's professional development skills training and certification program for business-to-business marketing professionals.

Both BMI programs are also endorsed by the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), and are utilized in SLMA professional development programs and services.

BMI training and certification programs are in use by leading U.S. and international corporations. BMI courseware and content has also been utilized in the teaching curriculum of the business marketing course (MKTG 426) at Penn State University's Smeal School of Business.

What do we do next?

Contact us at (312) 371-5663 to arrange a demo, and to receive more information on the MSA/B/C and CRM-FM programs.

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