Print Advertising Planning and Execution

Making B2B Print Advertising Pay Off In Your Company's Marketing and Lead Generation Programs

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The Task: Use print advertising in vertical industry publications to generate sales leads and measurable sales response.

Project Execution: Learn how to:

  • Avoid the costs and risks of expensive “brand” advertising by utilizing highly effective, targeted ad programs to generate response in trade publications for your industry;
  • Evaluate the best trade publications in your industry for display advertising placements;
  • Test advertising campaigns at low cost to minimize risk and expense;
  • Develop effective copy and layouts for measurable, response generating B2B ad programs for lead generation and content-based marketing campaigns;
  • Use tactical advertising placement techniques to outsmart competitors with larger advertising budgets

Benefits to You: Use targeted, small-scale trade print advertising programs to generate new sales leads and opt-in content downloads as part of your marketing program.

Course Module Description: Print Advertising Planning and Execution

Print advertising in vertical and industry trade publications can be an effective way to generate leads for your sales team, but only if you know how to create and execute advertising that generates measurable response to make these ads pay in your marketing program.

Although so-called brand advertising is sometimes used to build “brand awareness," branding advertising programs generate little or no measurable sales response in B2B marketing programs. Sales, marketing, and product professionals who must make every marketing dollar count avoid these kinds of expensive brand-oriented ad campaigns, and instead use print advertising sparingly, running smaller, targeted ads which have been carefully tested to generate measurable response.

This module provides the proven techniques required to evaluate, plan, develop, and execute effective B2B print advertising programs —to evaluate and test print advertising to determine if it can be a viable, lead-generating option for your B2B marketing program.

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Here's how you can use B2B print advertising to generate effective, measurable response for your company's lead generation program:

  • To feature and promote your company's problem-solving content: Print ad layouts featuring content that's highly relevant to your potential prospects, such as reports, white papers, surveys, fact sheets, etc. motivate prospects to link to your Web site to download this content and opt-in to receive future communications from your company through its marketing automation system;
  • For new product launches: Print advertising campaigns, tied to product information links or relevant content offers, can be used to measurably launch and promote your company's new products;
  • For targeted promotions and savings offers: When used tactically, print advertising campaigns feature targeted savings offers and other promotions to motivate prospects to respond immediately to receive more details

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Using the techniques of effective communication of key sales benefits, combined with clear presentation in ad layouts and a clear call-to-action to motivate readers to contact your company, download your content, or take the next step you want them to take, prevents your print advertising from being a costly gamble and makes it a cost-effective investment in your marketing program.

This module will show you how to reduce the cost and risk of running B2B print advertising, to use it as a cost-effective, response-generating element of your B2B marketing program, generating leads by driving potential buyers to your company's problem-solving online content and promotions.

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