Video, Advertising, and Public Relations

Developing, Executing, and Managing Effective B2B Video Productions, Advertising, and Public Relations Campaigns

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Develop effective video projects, display advertising campaigns, and public relations programs for a wide variety of specialized B2B applications, using these comprehensive project-ready training modules.

Contains Three Project-Ready Training Modules:

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Using the Power of Spoken Words and Moving Images to Sell Your Company's Products

Create effective, affordable product and informational videos for your company’s Web site and content-based marketing programs . . .

Making B2B Print Advertising Pay Off In Your Company's Marketing and Lead Generation Programs

Use targeted, small-scale trade print advertising programs to generate new sales leads and opt-in content downloads as part of your marketing program . . .

Using Trade and Business Media to Generate Inquiries and Sales in Your Marketing Program

Plan, develop, execute, and manage public relations campaigns for company news and new product announcements, and to complement the goals and projects of your marketing program . . .

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