B2B Sales Copy Development for Direct Response I

Discovering Your Product's Major Sales Benefits for Effective Lead Generation and Conversion

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The Task: Identify and document the most compelling sales benefits of your product or service, and translate these key points into effective marketing deliverables.

Project Execution: Learn how to:

  • Systematically discover all of the most important benefits of your product, prior to any sales copywriting project;
  • Intelligently sort these benefits by their effectiveness in generating prospect response;
  • Determine whether to use long copy vs. short copy for maximum effectiveness in any lead generation or prospect conversion campaign;
  • Effectively drive and manage the copywriting process to make sure that key sales benefits are effectively presented in the final marketing deliverable.

Benefits to You: Create and write—or manage the process of creating and writing—effective sales copy that generates strong, measurable response in marketing deliverables used for lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion.

Course Module Description: Sales Copy Development for Direct Response I

Effective sales copy is at the core of every marketing project—for e-mail marketing campaigns, online or print ad layouts, brochures, flyers, landing pages and every other deliverable used in B2B lead generation and lead conversion campaigns.

Clearly and boldly communicating your product's most compelling sales and problem-solving benefits, in a way that motivates the reader or viewer to take the next step you want them to take—to visit your company's Web site, click to download content, or contact your company's sales rep—means the difference between attracting a new prospect who takes the first step to become a customer, or losing that prospect's attention, possibly forever.

Claude Hopkins, father of modern promotional advertising in the early 20th century, famously called advertising "salesmanship in print." And while the new online and digital media are radically different than those used even 30 years ago, advertising is still all about presenting your product's most important, problem-solving sales benefits, clearly and powerfully across all online, print, and video media in your company's B2B marketing program.

This module, along with BMI module 4 (B2B Copywriting and Layout for Direct Response II) provide you with the project-ready, step-by-step process for learning how to capture your product's most compelling sales benefits and transforming these benefits into effective, response-generating sales copy for any B2B marketing project. Mastering the skills covered in this MSD module is critical, because effective sales copywriting is the essential part of every other marketing activity covered by BMI MSD training.

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In this module, you will learn:

  • How to eliminate all doubt to ensure that all marketing deliverables will effectively present and sell your product's most compelling sales benefits;
  • The systematic process for discovering and gathering the information required to develop the most effective marketing deliverables;
  • Effective sales rep interviewing techniques to discover your product's most compelling sales benefits;
  • To discover the most effective "counters" to neutralize the most common prospect objections concerning your product;
  • How to develop a compelling "Elevator Pitch" for your product;
  • The main elements of every marketing deliverable, and their purpose in every ad, e-mail promotion, or sales collateral piece;
  • A three step copywriting process, to help you write effective sales copy for any marketing project or deliverable;
  • How to convert key sales benefits into effective headlines, subheads, body copy, and calls-to-action

You can also buy this module as part of our special Inbound Lead Generation Bundle, which includes seven other BMI modules covering sales copywriting, sales-oriented design, direct mail, and print advertising, to provide critically important project-ready training for your B2B lead generation projects.

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This module helps you:

  • Identify the benefits that most effectively sell your product: The three-step B2B copywriting process detailed in this module shows you how to gather the information that's necessary for effective sales copy, and to systematically organize this information into the main elements required for any marketing deliverable—headlines, subheads, body copy, and call to action;
  • Manage the process of creating effective sales copy: The techniques covered in this module will help you work more effectively with copywriters at your company's ad agency or consulting firm, to provide these members of your marketing team with the guidance they need to write sales copy that clearly and effectively presents your product's most important problem-solving benefits to prospects;
  • Discover and organize your product's most compelling sales benefits: The step-by-step techniques covered in this module gives you a proven, real-world process for researching, discovering, and collecting your product's best sales benefits, and a systematic approach to organizing sales benefits for every copywriting project, based on their importance and persuasiveness to the reader;
  • Write your own sales copy, or effectively manage others who write it: Whether you will be writing your company's sales copy, or if you are working with copywriters at your company's ad agency or outside consulting firm on copywriting projects for your B2B marketing program, learning how to apply the skills trained in this module helps you significantly increase the selling power of every ad, brochure, Web site project, landing page, or other marketing deliverable you produce, to improve their response in your lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion programs.

This module provides the proven, step-by-step techniques required to develop effective copy that sells your product, or effectively manage this process for copywriting projects assigned to an ad agency or consultant.

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Includes printed workbook, module review .PDF, and online skill-builder, review, and examination.

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