B2B Field Marketing Deliverables Copywriting and Design 3

Expedient Layout and Execution for Effective Sales Collateral

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The Task: Learn basic design and layout skills to produce effective sales flyers, product sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and other deliverables for marketing campaigns and sales support.

Benefits to You: Produce expedient marketing collateral to take advantage of time-critical marketing, lead generation, and sales opportunities, and to support your company’s sales team in major account sales situations, to improve sales response.

Course Module Description: B2B Field Marketing Deliverables Copywriting and Design 3

New selling opportunities and last-minute marketing promotions always create the need for expedient marketing collateral—a special flyer to support a new e-mail campaign to a targeted prospect or customer list, a sell sheet to highlight a product feature in a new product launch, or a highly customized PowerPoint presentation to help your sales team win a new major account sale.

When these opportunities arise, busy sales teams can't wait two weeks for your company's ad agency or outside marketing consultant to develop a simple promotional piece to meet the opportunity.

These sales and marketing opportunities require rapid, expedient creation of basic field sales collateral—product sell sheets, flyers, e-mail landing pages, sales letters, PowerPoint presentations and other marketing deliverables for new lead generation opportunities, special promotions, or major account sales support.

To meet tight project deadlines, you can product these relatively simple deliverables quickly in-house, without having to wait for an ad agency, designer, or consultant—if you know the basic design and layout techniques required to produce them.

This module details the essentials required to design and produce basic sales collateral: Product brochures, flyers, promotional pieces, fact sheets, online promotions, and other deliverables required for B2B lead generation marketing programs.

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In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Produce expedient, basic marketing collateral pieces in-house, for time-critical marketing and sales opportunities;
  • Use basic “design for non-designer” layout techniques to enhance the selling power of expedient marketing deliverables;
  • Develop and integrate the key layout elements required for the common marketing deliverables used in B2B marketing and sales applications;
  • Use these basic design and layout techniques to create effective, fast-turnaround product fact sheets, flyers, and other sales collateral to support emergency sales and marketing opportunities

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This module provides a proven approach to developing expedient B2B field sales and marketing collateral to help you:

  • Create every type of sales collateral to support any last-minute sales or marketing initiative: Using the proven guidelines in this module, you can specify, outline, and create the most commonly-used fast turnaround sales and marketing collateral pieces for lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion—product sales flyers and other basic field sales support materials, product comparison charts, white paper outlines and specifications, Q&A/fact sheets, sales letters, landing pages, voicemail scripts, PowerPoint presentations, and basic promotional materials;
  • Become a more valued member of your company's sales team: Learning how to produce effective, basic sales and marketing deliverables can help you become a key member of your company's sales team—to support major new account opportunities and account-based marketing programs, and to develop the customized field sales materials required to help your sales team close new sales and create new selling opportunities;
  • Design sales collateral without being a designer: You don't have to be a designer to create clean, attractive sales collateral; following the basic design guidelines in this module to help you produce competent, effective marketing deliverables that make a positive impression with prospects and customers;
  • Produce effective, high-impact sales basic marketing materials: By following the proven, real-world-tested layout and copywriting techniques in this module, you can improve the impact of any basic sales collateral piece, to improve prospect and customer response in every sales and marketing opportunity;

This project-based training module covers the basics of producing the effective, fast-turnaround B2B sales and marketing collateral you need to take advantage of every new selling opportunity, and to make your marketing program even more responsive to the needs of your company's sales team.

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Includes printed workbook, module review .PDF, and online skill-builder, review, and examination.

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