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The BMI CRM-FM and MSA/B/C systems are endorsed and utilized by the Sales Lead Management Association, a trade association for marketing and sales professionals
The BMI MSA/B/C System is endorsed by the Business Marketing Association (BMA), the largest U.S. trade association for B2B marketing professionals

• Are You Playing Today’s Game by Yesterday’s Rules?

• Build Your Skills, Save Your Job (or, Get a New One)

• BMI Certification: The Marketing Skills Training You Need to Build Effective Business-to-Business Marketing Programs in a Slow Economy

Getting Business-to-Business Marketing Back to Making Sales: MSA/B/C and CRM-FM

Web-Based B2B Marketing Training and Certification for Planning, Developing, and Executing More Effective, Measurable B2B Marketing Programs

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sales/marketing disconnect graphic How to Eliminate the Sales/Marketing Disconnect With CRM-FM
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salesforce integration graphic Where On-Demand CRM Meets Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know

• Training in the Proven, Practical Skills Required to Generate Sales Leads for Measurable Marketing

• Certification Can Be the Decisive Factor in the Employer’s Final Candidate Selection Choice

• BMI Training and Certification Programs Overview

• Which Program is Right for You?

Key Article Topics:

Massive government bailouts. Layoffs and restructuring across the entire U.S. financial sector. The latest crisis on
Wall Street is spreading throughout our economy, impacting businesses large and small.

Today’s tough economy, getting tougher by the day, means harder times ahead for business marketing professionals.

Learn how BMI training and certification makes you a better, more qualified marketing professional to get the career edge you need to face the challenges ahead . . . Read More >>>