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On-Demand CRM and The New Marketing Model
On-Demand CRM and
The New Marketing Model:

Keys to optimizing lead generation and lead development with on-demand CRM and your marketing program (38 pages, .PDF format)

BMI Special Feature: Professional Development in a Weak Economy


Are You Ready to Compete in Today’s Tough New Career Environment for Business Marketing Professionals?

As experienced marketing professionals, product managers, and agency professionals and consultants, we all know that when the economy worsens, sales decline. Rightly or wrongly, the company’s marketing budget is one of the first areas often cut. And when marketing underperforms, the company’s marketing staff is cut as well.

Are You Playing Today’s Game by Yesterday’s Rules?

Today, everything has changed. Yesterday’s unaccountable, business-as-usual approach to marketing is dangerous to your marketing career: Poor execution, irrelevant marketing programs and wasteful expenditures on marketing activities that don’t generate measurable returns, and lack of meaningful, relevant support for your company’s sales team puts your job on the line today.

Build Your Skills, Save Your Job (or, Get a New One)

In a down economy, marketing programs that can’t be linked to measurable contributions to a company’s sales put marketing professionals at risk. In this new environment, company management looks to those responsible for implementing marketing programs that fail to serve sales, or generate measurable response. Marketing must then improve the effectiveness of its marketing program, or face the consequences.

Don’t let yourself be one of these business-to-business marketing professionals caught in the trap of running your marketing plan by yesterday’s rules.

BMI Certification: The Marketing Skills Training You Need to Build Effective Business-to-Business Marketing Programs in a Slow Economy

The most important step you can take to strengthen your job security and employment prospects is to build your personal skills in your chosen profession, business marketing. And the best way to prove and document this knowledge in your field is by obtaining a certification credential from the Business Marketing Institute.

Industry-recognized and endorsed BMI training and certification helps you develop the practical knowledge and skill in the techniques of effective marketing execution. This is the training and certification you need today to be a more effective marketing professional: Helping you develop and execute business-to-business marketing programs that generate the measurable sales response that builds new business for your company, in good or bad economic conditions.

Training in the Proven, Practical Skills Required to Generate Sales Leads Using Effective, Measurable Business Marketing Techniques

BMI training and certification focuses on the practical, step-by-step methods required to build effective marketing programs, for all of the types of marketing projects and media that are part of B2B marketing programs today.

The content of BMI programs emphasize proven processes and techniques you can apply, right now, in your current marketing position, to improve your own company’s marketing program, generate more sales leads for your company’s sales teams, test new marketing programs at lower cost, execute successful new product launches, and troubleshoot underperforming marketing projects.

BMI certification, in either MSA/B/C or CRM-FM programs, recognizes your professional accomplishment in demonstrating your knowledge of the principles, techniques, and skills documented in BMI courseware.

Certification Can Be the Decisive Factor in the Employer’s Final Candidate Selection Choice

Whether you are currently employed, or actively searching for a new position in the marketing field, certification with BMI provides you with an important additional credential in your career development, and is an important differentiator for you, relative to other marketing professionals who do not hold BMI certification.

In a tough job search market, professional certifications, such as BMI certification, can often be the deciding factor used by HR and hiring executives when choosing one candidate over another, given equivalent levels of background experience. For its modest cost, BMI certification can be the most significant improvement you can make to your professional skill-set as a business marketer, to enhance your effectiveness at your current position, or improve your positioning to a prospective employer.

Professional certification, over and above formal education level and career experience, signifies a candidate’s willingness to develop the expertise that shows a demonstrated ability to learn the latest, proven skills needed to add value to the hiring company.

BMI certification is an important edge for you in today’s tough employment market, a credential which uniquely identifies you as a marketing professional who is determined to develop the world-class marketing execution skills that generate bottom-line sales results for your current company, or for any prospective hiring company.

BMI Training and Certification Programs Overview

BMI offers two training and certification programs:

MSA/B/C: Marketing Skills Assessment, Skill-Building and Certification;
CRM-FM: CRM Field Marketing

MSA/B/C is our main marketing skills assessment, training, and certification program that provides the essential training in the skills, principles, and techniques required to successfully execute the broad range of marketing programs required to generate sales leads for small, medium, and large-scale B2B companies.

For more information on the MSA/B/C program, click here . . .

CRM Field Marketing includes much of the core content of the MSA/B/C program, but also incorporates training content that helps marketing professionals integrate their marketing programs with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, such as those offered by, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and others. The CRM-FM program also includes content addressing lead development programs, online keyword search advertising, and e-mail messaging programs.

For more information on the CRM-FM program, click here . . .

Which Program is Right for You?

If your goal is to certify your competence in the basic principles, skills, and techniques required to successfully execute effective, measurable business-to-business marketing programs, the MSA/B/C program is the industry-recognized certification that not only enhances your career profile, but can help you be a better and more effective marketing executive. Whether your current or desired position in marketing is management, marketing communications, or product management, or if you are an agency professional or consultant, MSA/B/C certification from BMI provides adds value to your career, and to the day-to-day knowledge and practice of your marketing profession, on the job, and for every marketing project.

If your company is currently using, or plans to use, a CRM system, or if you want to prepare your marketing career to meet the trend of companies now integrating CRM into their sales and marketing operations, you may wish to consider certifying with the CRM Field Marketing program (CRM-FM). CRM-FM incorporates a substantial amount of the core content of MSA/B/C with a focus on integrating these marketing activities with CRM systems, and adds additional training content relating specifically to marketing measurement using CRM, lead development, and online marketing topics, such as keyword search advertising.

You can also choose to certify with both programs; for pricing discounts available to individual users for certifying with both programs, click here

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