Clear presentation and effective marketing execution often mean the difference between success or failure in business-to-business marketing programs. With the Business Marketing Institute’s MSA/B/C System, you will develop the know-how and skills required to develop B2B marketing programs that get results.

Whether you’re a corporate marketing manager, product manager, ad agency executive, or an IT or engineering professional transitioning to this field, the MSA/B/C System provides you with the practical and proven training you need to develop and manage the process of producing business-to-business marketing programs, executing your marketing plan, and facing the challenges of changing market conditions in your industry.

The MSA/B/C System: Developing the Skills for Success in Business-to-Business Marketing

The MSA/B/C System is a Web-based training program (with print study guide) that develops the practical skills required to plan, produce, execute, and manage effective marketing programs to meet the most important goal of every marketing program: Generating sales leads and new business opportunities.

Major training areas in the MSA/B/C System help marketing professionals develop: 

Direct mail and print advertising: Effective direct mail and print advertising programs;

B2B Web sites: Internet Web site development strategies and online sales lead generation programs;

Trade shows: Trade show execution, to effectively present and sell your product in your industry;

New product launches: Specialized techniques for new product launches;

Video and multimedia: Effective and compelling B2B video productions and PR promotions;

Market testing and analysis: Market testing for new product launches and new ventures;

Sales turnarounds: Troubleshooting and correcting sales turnaround situations and under-performing marketing programs

The MSA/B/C System trains and certifies the skills you and your staff need to execute every element of your marketing plan: This is the knowledge that is essential for success in business-to-business marketing.

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MSA/B/C Training and Certification: The Marketing Professional’s Career Edge

As a marketing professional, completion of MSA/B/C training and certification is the first step toward improving the skills that count: Execution of the critical marketing activities that comprise every business-to-business marketing plan. By developing and improving your skills in the day-to-day development and execution of the marketing projects essential to your marketing plan, you will produce better and more effective marketing programs that increase sales, open new markets, and create new business opportunities for your company.

MSA/B/C training and certification will not only help you stand apart from other marketers in your field—marketing professionals who hold professional certification also earn more. According to every Business Marketing Association survey conducted over the past 25 years, marketing professionals who achieved certification with the CBC credential, the predecessor to the BMA’s current MSA/B/C certification provided by BMI, earned on average 15% more than the marketers who did not hold professional marketing certification.

Your Best Career Insurance: Developing World-Class Marketing Execution Skills

In an economic downturn, a downsizing company lays off managers and staff, but it keeps those who “get it done:” In marketing, these are the valued producers who know their jobs, who know how to run the company’s productive core marketing programs, and, most important, those who have shown they can generate new leads and opportunities for their company’s sales teams in good times and bad.

Building solid background knowledge and skill in business-to-business marketing execution is your essential first step in gaining a more valued position within your company.

Acheiving MSA/B/C certification, backed by the Business Marketing Association, the industry’s oldest and largest professional association for business-to-business marketing professionals, demonstrates your  knowledge of the practical, proven skills of effective business-to-business marketing presentation and execution required to successfully drive sales response in B2B, trade, industrial, and high-technology markets.

MSA/B/C training focuses on the core marketing skills required to succeed in all market conditions. The marketing professional who can face adverse economic conditions and adapt their marketing program to reverse sales downturns, open up new marketing opportunities, and turn around troubled marketing programs can do well in any economy or market condition.

MSA/B/C certification is your resume edge: In the open employment and recruitment market, MSA/B/C certification is a valuable enhancement to your resume which gives you an edge in consideration for business-to-business marketing positions. Adding MSA/B/C certification to your resume qualifications may be the single deciding factor that sets your qualifications apart from other candidates, giving you the edge in the employer’s hiring decision.

Comprehensive Training and Certification Benefits for Every Marketing Professional

Because it trains and certifies in the essential skills of effective marketing creative development and execution, the MSA/B/C program is also invaluable training for marketing professionals who serve companies as ad agencies, marketing consulting firms, and key vendors of marketing services. If you’re on the “agency side,” better execution of more effective advertising, direct mail, Internet and other marketing programs helps you to get clients, serve them more effectively, and keep their business.

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