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BMI: CRM-FM and MSA/B/C Customized Training System Development


Customized Assessment, Training, and Certification: Customize Our Marketing Skills Training Systems to Meet Your Specialized Corporate Requirements

For larger companies with complex selling processes, branding guidelines, or specialized market and product knowledge training needs, we offer customization services to tailor the CRM Field Marketing and MSA/B/C systems to your requirements, integrating your company’s mission-critical content to develop a targeted, single-source training solution for marketing staff and product managers involved in your company’s critical marketing efforts.

Your Single Marketing Skills Training System for Your Company’s Marketing and Product Management Professionals

Our content development services can help document, train, test, and certify your company’s specialized, mission-critical marketing practices and guidelines, integrated into a testing and certification system designed specifically for your company.

The individual content and training modules of either the CRM-FM or MSA/B/C System can be combined, deleted, or modified, with new, proprietary modules added, to develop a customized training system for your company’s marketing and product management professionals.

Here are a few examples of how the MSA/B/C System can be customized to test, train, and certify your company’s specific skills training needs:

Training for specialized markets and product lines: Custom-tailored versions of the CRM-FM or MSA/B/C System can be implemented to test, train and certify the trade practices, marketing processes, and other specialized requirements for specialized markets, industries, and types of products in your field. For example, our system can be customized to meet the needs of companies operating in industries requiring highly specialized and technical and product knowledge, such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare technology, or advanced materials;

Marketing and sales channels: Content for the CRM-FM or MSA/B/C System can be enhanced and modified to train marketers in companies operating with unique marketing methods or distribution channels. For example, content can be added to our current system to train for your company’s best practices in marketing and selling through your company’s specialized distributor networks or other unique sales channels;

Your selling and marketing processes: The CRM-FM or MSA/B/C systems can be customized to train and reinforce your company’s specialized marketing procedures, incorporating your proprietary content and testing for topics such as company branding guidelines, marketing plan development, or customer relationship management systems and policies.

CRM Field Marketing and MSA/B/C Customized Training Provides Consistent Training of Your Company’s Proprietary Marketing Knowledge

Our online training systems provide new hires, product managers, and others involved with your company’s marketing program with a self-contained, integrated system that trains, reinforces, and certifies your company’s unique, mission-critical marketing information in a consistent, comprehensive, and easy-to-administer training program. Training progress can be measured during the test-taker’s use of each module of the MSA/B/C System, providing you with a consistent way to monitor, score, and report results for each user.

BMI content and system customization services: We can work with you to identify the major areas for testing and training, gather the information necessary to develop your customized training program, and produce necessary study guides and materials. We then integrate all of this content into a customized, secure, Web-based training system that trains, tests, and certifies your company’s best marketing practices, combined with the practical, proven knowledge and skills of effective marketing execution of the CRM-FM or MSA/B/C Systems—all in a process and a solution that can be implemented quickly, with minimal involvement by your staff.

With BMI training and certification customization services, now you can be sure that your company’s marketing managers, product managers, and other marketing staff in all of your company’s operations in the U.S. or around the world have been consistently and uniformly trained, tested, and certified in the specialized marketing processes, techniques, and practices your company utilizes in its own, specialized marketing programs, with a customized platform that communicates your company’s proprietary marketing knowledge and trains your staff in the essential principles, practices, and skills required for business-to-business marketing success.

To view the content covered in the CRM Field Marketing (CRM-FM) system, click here;

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