B2B Web Site Planning and Design 1

Developing Web Sites for Successful Lead Generation

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The Task: Learn how to specify and develop effective Web sites to meet your marketing program’s lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion goals.

Project Execution: Learn how to:

  • Effectively work with your Web site design team to insure the response-generating effectiveness of the new site project;
  • Optimize any Web site design or pre-made template to meet your company’s lead generation and response goals;
  • Use proven Web design techniques to present the most important information interested site visitors need to see when they visit your Web site;
  • Organize product features, benefits, and content in the Web site design to optimize access, response, and downloads from interested prospects;

Benefits to You: Work productively and effectively with your Web design team to insure that the new site will meet your company’s lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion goals.

Course Module Description: Web Site Planning and Design I

As a marketing, sales, or product manager, you play a critically important role in ensuring that your company's Web site presents your product effectively, and enables prospects to easily navigate and find the information and content they need on your site to move them along in their buying process.

This module details the proven process of working successfully with Web designers and developers to make sure your company's next Web site project meets your sales lead generation and lead conversion goals. While the Web design process can be complicated, it doesn't have to be—if you know how to clearly define the sales and marketing requirements for your company's Web site projects.

This doesn't require you to become a Web designer, but it does require you to develop the planning and management skills covered by the content in this MSD training module and required to supervise the process of B2B Web site design and development.

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In this module, you'll learn how to effectively manage the design and production process for creating a successful, lead-generating Web site for your company:

  • Determine the role of your company's Web site in your overall sales and marketing strategy;
  • Decide what information each kind of visitor to your site—customer or prospect—needs to view, and what information is most important for these visitors to see first;
  • Define what you'd like these prospects to do next to take a step closer to buying your product—downloading content, contacting your sales team, requesting a free demo/sample, etc.;
  • Incorporate these requirements into a rough specification for your Web development team to integrate into their site design

As a marketing or product management professional working with your company's Web design, production, and programming team, this module gives you the proven, practical, step-by-step guidance and techniques for managing the early Web specification and design process for your company's Web site, to insure a final Web project that meets your marketing and sales goals.

You can also buy this module as part of our special three-unit Web Site Development Bundle, which also includes our Web Site Prototyping and Execution II module, to provide a comprehensive training program for B2B Web site development.

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This module shows you how to work alongside your company's Web design and development teams from the earliest planning stages of any B2B Web site project, to provide these teams with the guidance required to help them integrate your critical sales and marketing copy and requirements into the final site design, and forward to completion of the site.

Defining the most important information elements required for the site, and organizing this information to generate response from interested site visitors, is the key starting point to making your company's Web site an effective lead generation source. By making it easy for potential buyers to learn about your product's features and benefits, to find the information they need, and to take a step closer to becoming a new customer, you can help to make your next Web site redesign—or any new Web project—a successful contributor to your company's sales and marketing efforts.

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