Copywriting and Design Bundle

Developing Effective, Response-Generating Copy, Layouts, and Collateral for B2B Marketing Programs

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Three essential project-ready modules to help you discover, develop, and write effective, response-generating sales copy and design and produce sales collateral for lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion.

Contains Three Project-Ready Training Modules:

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Discovering Your Product's Major Sales Benefits for Effective Lead Generation and Conversion

Create and write—or manage the process of creating and writing—effective sales copy that generates strong, measurable response in marketing deliverables used for lead generation and prospect-to-customer conversion . . .

Copywriting and Layout Basics for Effective Lead Generation and Conversion

Develop strong and effective marketing deliverables that motivate prospects to respond to your lead generation and prospect conversion campaigns . . .

Expedient Layout and Execution for Effective Sales Collateral

Produce expedient marketing collateral to take advantage of time-critical marketing, lead generation, and sales opportunities, and to support your company’s sales team in major account sales situations, to improve sales response . . .

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