Web Site Prototyping and Execution 2

Rapid Prototyping, Development, Testing, and Launch for Effective B2B Web Projects

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The Task: Use basic Web wireframe and prototyping techniques to specify the key sales-oriented information and content elements required in every new site development project.

Project Execution: Learn how to:

  • Create basic Web wireframes and prototypes to provide critical marketing input to B2B site development projects;
  • Identify and resolve key prospect and user navigation issues early in the site development process, to enhance the effectiveness of the final site design;
  • Plan and specify key content and multimedia elements in your new Web site, such as opt-in links, video, and interactive site features;
  • Effectively stage and test your Web site to insure a trouble-free launch

Benefits to You: Reduce time, delays, and cost on Web site projects by using basic wireframing and Web prototyping techniques to insure that your site project will meet your company’s marketing goals.

Course Module Description: Web Site Prototyping and Execution

Rapid Web prototyping is essential for timely execution of your B2B site project: For sales, marketing, and product managers, the first step in Web development is to develop a basic, lead generation-oriented outline for their new Web site or other Web project, as detailed in MSD Module 9, B2B Web Site Planning and Design I. After this has been done, the next step is to specify and produce a working prototype of the site or other Web project.

Creating a rough, working site prototype provides a central point of focus for everyone involved in the development process, for adding changes, improvement, and feedback and makes the project "real" for everyone as early as possible in the development process.

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This module gives you a proven, step-by-step process for moving any B2B Web site project from its early idea stages, on to the outlining and prototyping stages, through to the development, final testing, and launch stages.

Rapid prototyping also achieves these essential goals for your project:

  • Developing and organizing the sales copy, information, and other site content necessary to help site visitors—your prospects—quickly and easily learn about your products and their problem-solving benefits to them, and to make it easy for them to connect with your company;
  • Including all of the information required to effectively present and sell your company's product or service, refining this site content so that it will answer a prospect's most likely questions, and making it as easy as possible for prospects to opt-in to receive additional information from your company in their purchase decision-making process;
  • To identify and resolve important navigation and usability issues critical to the final site's ease of use and information access for prospects as early as possible in the Web development process

Web wireframes and prototypes developed early in the process give everyone on the site project as much time as possible to benefit from the continuous changes and improvements made during site development, to enable the final version of the project to effectively meet your lead generation goals.

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These real-world Web prototyping techniques help you, as a non-technical marketing, sales, or product management professional, provide your Web design, development, and technical teams with the requirements and specifications necessary to focus your site project on clearly and effectively presenting your product's major problem-solving benefits within the site design, so that every Web project you develop will be oriented to the goal of generating sales leads for your lead generation and lead conversion marketing programs.

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